Our Story

It’s a beautiful story.

Reliance Fellowship is a church with an exciting story to tell. It’s a place where young families are sharing life together, where college students are excited about reaching their campus, where children hear amazing stories from the Bible, and where grandparents make an investment in future generations…

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. It all started with a couple men at Dallas Theological Seminary whose lives had been shaped by God’s great love. Jacob Morris, the lead pastor or Reliance Fellowship, has a burning desire to make sure those who are unfamiliar or uncertain about the Christian faith will have an opportunity to hear about the love of God. Adam Bonus, the adult discipleship pastor, has a similar passion for training fully devoted followers of Christ. These men, along with their families, moved to the Tri-Cities in June 2013.

In September, 2013 a small group of believers began meeting at a coffee shop with a bold hope: that they could impact their community for Christ. Over the months that followed God brought together a growing community of like-minded people. In November, 2013 the gathering outgrew the coffee shop and moved into the Gather4Him Christian College facility. In February 2014 we moved to 4201 Kennedy Rd in West Richland. The church has continued growing and God has continued drawing more and more people to our gatherings.

So what’s happening at Reliance these days:

  • Reliance Kids is a fun place for kids to learn and grow
  • Our worship team leads us each week in remembering what God has done
  • Our Small Groups are helping people grow as obedient followers of Christ
  • We’re involved with an exciting outreach to WSU through the Compass Christian Club
  • We’re learning what it means for believers to be united as a community

The story of Reliance Fellowship is really a collection of many stories, as God weaves together His grand narrative of redemption in the lives of individuals, inviting them into a new community. He’s doing something amazing and the invitation stands.

Are you ready to come join the story?

Join us at our next worship service!

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